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Wado Ryu Alberta

Traditional Japanese Karate in Beaumont, Alberta

Due to Covid-19, all operations are currently on hold. 

Please check back here and on our Facebook page for updates.

All Operations Suspended

Due to Covid-19, all classes are on hold until further notice.

When we are back active, please join us every Monday and  / or Thursday  at Bellevue school in Beaumont, AB.

We train in the style of Wado Ryu karate, but also blend in other fun and exciting elements like weapons training, break falls and more.

All interested people aged 7 and older can come join our dojo. For more program information, check out our Programs page.

Why Karate?

The most obvious benefit is knowledge of self defense. Knowing how to defend yourself and your loved ones in today’s world is a definite need and benefit. Training is not only about fighting, it  teaches you the skills of situational awareness, self defense techniques, and the know how of how to be calm and effective in dangerous situations.
Karate is an activity that promotes the health benefits of strength and flexibility training, cardiovascular fitness, and an active lifestyle that is often lacking in our modern society.  Martial arts training has shown to enhance self esteem in children/youth. Karate is an  excellent confidence booster since it encourages kids to draw upon their own strengths and to strive for their personal best.
The movements of martial arts have been created and refined to allow the average person to reach their ultimate potential. You will gain the mental skills to face the everyday problems of our modern life with inner calm and confidence.

About Us

Alberta Wado Ryu operates under Northern Alberta Martial Arts Association Ltd., a not-for profit incorporated company. The senior instructors of Wado Ryu Alberta have been training together for more than fourteen years and share a passion for Karate-do and martial arts in general. We are proud members of Wado International Karate-Do Federation (WIKF) which is also known as the Wado Kokusai Karate-Do Remni. WIKF was founded in 1991 by Professor Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan Hanshi in order to protect the essence of Wado Ryu Karate-Do as taught to him by the founder, Hironori Ohtsuka.
We are dedicated to pursue our training in a friendly, respectful and positive atmosphere and to promote the ideals of humility, self-confidence, leadership, respect, determination, dedication, and avoidance and prevention of violence in our community. Our members are like minded people who seek to gain the physical and mental benefits from martial arts training in a challenging but supportive environment.

Try us Out!

Karate is a fun, cost effective and practical activity for the entire family.  Contact us to set up a free lesson!