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About Us

Alberta Wado Ryu operates under Northern Alberta Martial Arts Association Ltd., a not-for profit incorporated company. The senior instructors of Wado Ryu Alberta have been training together for more than fourteen years and share a passion for Karate-do and martial arts in general. We are proud members of Wado International Karate-Do Federation (WIKF) which is also known as the Wado Kokusai Karate-Do Remni. WIKF was founded in 1991 by Professor Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan Hanshi in order to protect the essence of Wado Ryu Karate-Do as taught to him by the founder, Hironori Ohtsuka

Our Black Belts are certified in multiple distinct styles of martial arts and senior instructors have received internationally recognized teaching titles. One of the benefits from our exposure to various styles of karate-do and other martial arts has been a greater appreciation and respect for the similarities and differences among various styles. Over the past seven years we have realized that there are significant benefits to focusing our training on one discipline. We have a passion for the dynamic nature of Wado Ryu and have focused our karate-do training on the comprehensive curriculum of WIKF and the teachings of Ohtsuka Sensei which his student Suzuki Sensei so diligently preserved and protected. WIKF continues to preserve this knowledge under the tutelage of Sensei Jon Wicks, 8th Dan.

We are dedicated to pursue our training in a friendly, respectful and positive atmosphere and to promote the ideals of humility, self-confidence, leadership, respect, determination, dedication, and avoidance and prevention of violence in our community. Our members are like minded people who seek to gain the physical and mental benefits from martial arts training in a challenging but supportive environment.

Wado Ryu Karate

Wado Ryu differs from other styles of karate by the way that the entire body is utilized in striking, blocking and evasion.  By using the body core, the practitioner’s hips are a key part of augmenting power in strikes and evasion in blocking techniques. 

As well, Jujitsu is blended into the karate’s core teachings, leading to a more complete fighting style.

For more information about Wado Ryu including it’s history and evolution, please visit: http://www.wikf.com/wado.php


Sensei John Wicks


Sensei Wicks began studying karate from the age of 13 and attained his 1st Dan (black belt) aged 17. At the age of 50, Sensei Wicks was personally awarded by Master Suzuki – 8th Dan Hanshi, his own 8th Dan and became the youngest official Wado-Ryu 8th Dan black belt in the World.

Sensei Wicks had for many years received private tuition from the late Master Tatsuo Suzuki-8th Dan Hanshi, ensuring that the authentic style of Wado-Ryu is maintained. It was Master Suzuki who originally introduced Wado-Ryu into the UK in 1965. Sensei Wicks has accompanied Master Suzuki on international exhibitions and teaching courses over many years. Master Suzuki, appointed Sensei Wicks WIKF World Chief Instructor in 2009, recognising his expertise and dedication to teaching authentic Wado-Ryu karate in the traditional style.

As well as being personally taught by Master Suzuki, Sensei Wicks has had the honour of training with many Japanese masters, including the notable honour of being taught by Master Hironori Ohtsuka the First. He applies the ethos of authentic Wado-Ryu karate he has learnt over his years of training to the way he teaches himself, passing on the knowledge and skills as first taught by Master Ohtsuka.

Sensei Wicks teaches throughout the World. He teaches extensively in Europe, regularly in North America, and has taught in South America, Japan and Australia. Sensei Wicks has even taught and given demonstrations in China with Master Suzuki. Sensei Wicks’ aim is to ensure that all clubs and students, worldwide, who want to learn traditional Wado-Ryu are all taught the same authentic techniques as were first taught by Master Ohtsuka the First and subsequently by Master Suzuki and now Sensei Jon Wicks. Sensei Wicks is the Principal Instructor for the International Leaders courses and on many Regional courses. He also grades students to all levels, from beginners to the highest Dan grade students. Sensei Wicks has a very strong kumite pedigree, having competed in national and international championships over a number of years, winning all the major Wado-Ryu titles including; World Championships, European Championships – Individuals 4 times and team 8 times, Wado Cup and multiple National championships. He has also had the honour of being England Team Captain to the victorious teams in both World Championships and European Championships – 8 times winners.

Sensei Wicks is the head of the Su-Ha-Ri Wado-Ryu Karate School which was founded in the early 1970’s by the late Sensei Mick Robins, who himself was a loyal student of Master Suzuki. He has developed and grown the school to over 20 clubs throughout the South of England, and has in excess of 100 black belt students, all taught personally by him in the authentic style. The School follows in Sensei’s footsteps with regards to Kumite, having produced many World, European and National champions at all age groups, and continues to do so today.

**Excerpt taken from the “WADO” a Monthly International Newsletter – September, Scottsdale Martial Arts Center Inc.


Wado International

Karate-Do Federation



International Seishinkai

Karate Union LLC


Sensei Teacher, Instructor
Sempai Assistant Instructor
Yoi Natural or Ready Stance
Ski Heels together, feet in a V, knife hands at side
Rei Bow
Seiza Kneeling – formal sitting position
Sensei ni Rei Bow to Instructor
Otokugai Ni Rei Bow to Dojo
Kiritsu Stand to Attention
Kiai Shout with spirit
Migi / Hidari Right / Left
Jodan Head
Chudan Middle level, stomach/chest or solar plexus
Gedan Low
Mawate Turn
Mawate Jodan Uke Turn and face block
Mawate Gedan Barai Turn and lower block
Naore Adopt attention stance
Kyukei Rest after bow
Hajime Start or Begin
Yame Stop or Ready to relax stance
Ippon Full Point
Waza-ari Half Point
Chuii Foul
Hansoku Disqualification
Hiki-Wake Draw
Jogai Out of Bounds
Tsuki Punching
Jun Tsuki Front Lunge Punch
Gyaku Tsuki Reverse Punch
Jun Tsuki no Tsukkomi Reaching Lunge Punch
Tobikomizuki Snap punch
Morote Tsuki Double Fist Punch
Furitsuki Swing Punch
Rentsuki Combination Punching
Keri Kicking
Mae Geri Front snap kick
Mawashi Geri Roundhouse kick
Nidan Geri Jumping front kick
Hiza Geri Knee kick
Sukuto Side or foot edge kick
Fumikomi Stamping Kick
Sukuto Fumikomi Foot Edge Stamping Kick
Ushiro Geri Back Kick
Uke Blocks
Jodan Uke Upper Block
Soto Uke Outside Block
Uchi Uke Inside Block
Shuto Uke Knife hand block
Gedan Barai Lower or Downward Block
Morote Uke Augmented or supporter forearm block
Dachi Stance
Hidari Hanmi Gamae Left fighting stance
Zenkutsu Dachi Forward stance
Heisoku Dachi Informal attention stance
Shiko Dachi Open leg stance
Kiba Dachi Horse stance
Neko Ashi Dachi Cat foot stance
Mahami no Neko Ashi Side viewing cat stance
Hanmi no Neko Ashi Half front viewing cat stance
Mashomen no Neko Ashi Front viewing cat stance
Gyaku Neko Ashi Dachi Reverse cat stance
Hidari Shizantai Left natural stance
Gyaku Tsuki Dachi Reverse punch stance
Yoko Seishan Dachi Sideward Seishan stance
Tate Seishan Dachi Vertical Seishan stance
Te Kind of Hand
Seiken Forefist
Uraken Back Fist
Tettsui Bottom Fist
Ippon Ken One Knuckle fist
Haito Ridge Hand
Shuto Knife Hand
Nihon Nukite Two Finger spear hand
Ippon Nukite One finger spear hand
Yonhan Nukite Spear Hand
Teisho Palm Heel
Ude Forearm
Empi Elbow
Ashi Kind of Foot
Hiza Knee
Sokuto Foot Edge
Kakato Front Heel
Koshi Ball of Foot
Haisoku Instep
Uchi- Waza Striking
Tettsui Uchi Bottom of fist strike
Shuto Uchi Knife Hand Strike
Haito Uchi Ridge Hand Strike
Teisho Uchi Palm Heel Strike
Empi Uchi Elbow Strike